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C Program Without a Main Function


How to write a C program without a main function?. Is it possible to do that. Yes there can be a C program without a main function. Here’s the code of the program without a main function…

#define HRS(f,a,c,e,b,o,Q,k) f##b##Q##k
#define shadhin HRS(m,r,s,h,a,d,i,n)

//HRS = Habibur Rahman Shadhin

int shadhin()
        printf(“”Shadhin” Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”);

Does the above program run without the main function? Yes, the above program runs perfectly fine even without a main function. But how, whats the logic behind it? How can we have a C program working without main?

Here we are using preprocessor directive #define with arguments to give an impression that the program runs without main. But in reality it runs with a hidden main function.

The ‘##‘ operator is called the token pasting or token merging operator. That is we can merge two or more characters with it.

ψ NOTE: A Preprocessor is program which processes the source code before compilation.

Look at the 2nd line of program –

#define HRS(f,a,c,e,b,o,Q,k) f##b##Q##k

What is the preprocessor doing here. The macro HRS(f,a,c,e,b,o,Q,k) is being expanded as “fbQk” (The ## operator merges f,b,Q&k into fbQk). The logic is when you pass (f,a,c,e,b,o,Q,k)as argument it merges the 1st,5th,7th& the 8th characters(tokens).

Now look at the third line of the program –

#define shadhin HRS(m,r,s,h,a,d,i,n)

Here the preprocessor replaces the macro “begin” with the expansion HRS(m,r,s,h,a,d,i,n). According to the macro definition in the previous line the argument must be expanded so that the 1st,5th,7th& the 8th characters must be merged. In the argument (m,r,s,h,a,d,i,n)  1st,5th,7th& the 8th characters are ‘m’,’a’,’i’ & ‘n’.

So the third line “int shadhin” is replaced by “int main” by the preprocessor before the program is passed on for the compiler. That’s it…

The bottom line is there can never exist a C program without a main function. Here we are just playing a gimmick that makes us beleive the program runs without main function, but actually there exists a hidden main function in the program. Here we are using the proprocessor directive to intelligently replace the word begin” by “main”. In simple words int shadin=int main.

5 Tweaking Tools Make Windows 7 Like Windows 8

based Windows 8 is getting around the corner. But for those who like the Tiles, here are a few tools that can make your Windows 7 to the tiles.
Omnimo 4

Omnimo 4 is a Windows Phone 7 inspired multifunctional interactive desktop information center based on Rainmeter, a popular desktop customization platform. It turns your desktop into a productive and attractive workarea where delivers the information you need. Every interactive tile on the desktop gives you information at glance, and can be easily customized to your needs.
Omnimo 4 requires Rainmeter 2.0 or higher installed on your Windows 7 system first before can be installed and configured.


AeroTile is a free portable utility tools that adds an selective glassy aeroful tiles on your computer’s desktop. By using it, you have the choices choosing many of the options like My Computer, Control Panel, Fonts, My Documents, etc.
It’s a fairly easy to use tool. Simply download and extract the files from the zipped file, and launch it. Then, pick up the items you want them to show on your desktop in tile shape. The only downside is that you will have to manually organize those tiles to make them layout neatly.

Mosaic (formally known as Metro Home 2)

Mosaic is an application that brings Metro UI to your desktop. It’s a set of widgets that displays in tile on your desktop showing the content from your local computer or from the Internet.
When the application is running, it shows a list of selective choices from the panel that stick to the right side of your desktop. Simply click to select them and it will immediately show on the desktop. Once on the desktop, you will be able to move them around just dragging and dropping to the grid predefined by the application.


Windows8Menu is a simple portable application that put the Windows 8 UI on top of Windows 7 desktop. It works just like any other application that you can simply launch and see what it offers. You can also customize the settings to show the stuff you would like to see.



Zetro is a Windows 8 metro UI style theme made for Windows 7. It brings the snazzy tiles to Windows 7. The Zetro theme takes a few steps to get Windows 7 ready to the tile, but it’s fairly easy to follow the instructions in the Readme file from the package. And because it’s a Theme pack, you can switch between Tiles and Aeros back and forth fairly easy.

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

Need to pass in your exams ? There are at least two easy ways how you can cheat and not be caught.

Check out some of the most creative and unique ways to copy in your exams .

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

 Others ways…………………..

Black Light Method

  1. Get one of those black light pens that only show up under a black light and come with one attached.
  2. The day before the test, write some things that will probably be on the test on your desk.
  3. The next day, wear a hoodie and hide the pen in your sleeve.
  4. When no-one is looking, shine it on the area where you wrote before.

Locker Combination Method

  1. Group your answers and code them to look like a locker combination. For example, if my first set of answers were 135, 23, and 56, I would write something like Lock #1- 135,23, 56, so if someone looks through my bag or if someone looks at me while I am looking at my answers, they will only think that’s a lock combination of mine at school, or wherever; when its really answers to my first 3 problems on my exam that my teachers going to give back to me tomorrow!
    • If anyone asks about the big numbers, just say you accidentally misplaced a comma. Be sure to have your answers memorized before the test.

The Girls Only Method

  1. Ask to get out of an exam to go to the toilet. If they say no then say subtly to a woman invigilator you need to change your pad (make sure you’re not on your period that day, that’s a bit gross).
  2. Earlier on, you will have written down notes on a sanitary pad, and put this one on. If you need more notes then write them on a new pad and wrap it back up. When in the bathroom (if it’s a real exam the invigilator will probably escort you) look at the pad you have on and quickly memorize it. Then change it, put it in the bin, and replace it with the pad that has more notes. Memorize them quickly and then come out of the toilet as if nothing is wrong.
  3. Go back to the exam and scribble down the answers.
  4. Hide the answers in your bra. During the test, fiddle with your shirt and look down to see the answers or notes. No teacher will dare call you out!

Toilet Paper Method

  1. Write your notes on toilet paper, sneak it into your pocket, ask to go to the washroom. Take out your toilet paper and stick it to your shoe, but keep the written side facing down. When someone tells you about the paper, check your notes when no-one is looking then throw it out.

Position Yourself Method

  1. Sit next to someone smart in your class.
  2. Start out by sitting in your seat like a normal person.
  3. Later, pretend to be uncomfortable and position yourself so your sitting on your knees.
  4. While you are moving look over the smart student’s head and look at his/her answers.
    • Do not be too obvious, or he/she will find out you are cheating.

 Desk Writing Method

  1. You’ll need to get the spelling words, or the math answers that you need. (This works best on a spelling test)
  2. Write them down inside your desk or on the side (I have a cubby desk not a fold up desk)
  3. When it comes to test time, look inside your desk and look at your answers, but be sure to get something out like an eraser!