Installing Net Beans IDE in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

The NetBeans IDE is an award-winning integrated development environment available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. The NetBeans project consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform, as well as PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++.
The NetBeans project is supported by a vibrant developer community and offers extensive documentation and training resources as well as a diverse selection of third-party plugins.

Release Overview

NetBeans IDE 7.0 introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with JDK 7 language features. The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server, as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1. Additional highlights include Maven 3 and HTML5 editing support; a new GridBagLayout designer for improved Swing GUI development; enhancements to the Java editor, and more.
NetBeans IDE 7.0 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Get the NetBeans IDE 7.0.1

The latest available download is NetBeans IDE 7.0.1, which is an update to NetBeans IDE 7.0.

Download NetBeans IDE 7.0

NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 includes the following notable changes:

  • Full JDK 7 support: Running NetBeans IDE on top of JDK 7 and support for the final version of the JDK 7 language features
  • Integration of the recent patches
  • Performance improvements

Installing NetBeans IDE 7.X.X

Java 6 or above is required for installing and running the PHP and C/C++ NetBeans Bundles and also JDK 6 or above is required for installing and running the Java SE, Java EE and All NetBeans Bundles.

So the first thing you have to do is to download Java 7 and JDK 7 and install in your computer. You can do that by typing this in your terminal.

 sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre

If you want to know more about  OpenJDK visit their official site using this link.
After successfully installing Java 7 and JDK 7, you have to download NetBeans.
The latest stable release is NetBeans IDE 7.0.1, that you can download from this link.
If not you can also go for the beta release NetBeans IDE 7.1, download link.
After downloading Netbeans  IDE, right click on the downloaded file and go to “Properties”.
There go to the “Permissions” tab. Tick on the “Execute”. Then run it in a terminal. Follow
the guidance supplied by the installation wizard. Finish and exit the installation wizard 
when NetBeans IDE is successfully installed.
*If you haven’t installed Java 7 and JDK 7, you won’t be able to continue the setup.

Happy programming !!!!!!

How to: Secure Facebook Account from Hacking

Every Day thousands of Facebook Accounts are Hacked by various means. Most Popularly by Phishing. But as a internet user how can we defend our self, I am going to inform you people about a Facebook feature which not so many people know about.

All you have to do it to follow the following steps and then your Account will be protected by SMS Security code configuration. It means that when someone will log into your account from any other computer a SMS will be send to you with Security Code that you will have to give to log in. Like this No one can log into your account even if they have your password.

STEP 1: Goto your Account Account Settings .
STEP 2: Now Under “Account Security” section , Tick “Login Approval” .
Step 3: Click on “Set Up Now” .
STEP 4: Now give the “confirmation code” in the space give. The code will be sent in sms to your mobile.
STEP 5: After giving the “confirmation code” . This message will appear, which means that setup is successful.

Watch Star Wars movie in CMD

This is very intersting and amazing command prompt trick which will play star wars movie in the command prompt or cmd. Below are complete steps with screen shots for this trick with. Without wasting time lets gets started.

       1. Go to start > Run and type in cmd and press enter
       2. Now type in telnet as shown below and press enter.

       3. After that enter o as shown below and press enter.

       4. Next enter as shown below and press enter.

       5. Now star wars movie will start playing on your command prompt.

       6. Enjoy !! and dont miss to subscribe right side .

Facebook Status Prank! [Status Update via iPhone5 & other Divieces]

5 Things to do when you are hit by a Facebook spam

facebook spam security

Hi friends, These days there are two things that are spreading fast on facebook:
First is the spam containing inappropriate content.
Second is the photo people are sharing after they are hit by the spam ( and putting all blame on hackers).

Recently i pointed out a strange thing happening with many users accounts.  They tried to delete the spam but in turn it started spreading through their profile even though they didn’t click the spam link. Well its tough to tell why this is happening but their problem shifted my attention back to the spam codes where  found a buried script which was doing quiet a fun with the cookies.

Anyways I dont want this tutorial to turn too geeky so I will speak simple language.
Lets talk about 5 things that you can do to completely get rid of the spam in case you accidently( or knowingly) clicked it. The steps mentioned here are in order.  So if you are a victim then follow all the five steps starting from step 1.

1. Report as spam 

This is the first precautionary step. Immideatley report the spam to facebook ( dont click on delete). Reporting as spam automatically hides the link from your feed so dont take the risk of deleting it.

2. Disable the installed plugin

The recent spam asks you to install a missing plugin. So in case you have installed it, act fast to remove it. If you  are using firefox then go to Firefox > Add-ons > Extensions . Here you will find the malicious plugin. Click on Remove to get rid of it.
For Crome users, click on the small Wrench(Rinch) icon at the right corner of the browser, then click on options and move to Extensions. Disable and remove the plugin from there.
3. Switch to Https

Immideately switch to https version of facebook if you still haven’t. This will prevent any kind of session hijacking and will prevent the http cookies created by the spam in your system to re-post the link on the profile.
4. Clear Cookies, Browsing history and Browser cache

The spam creates lots of fake facebook http cookies on your system which can re-post the spam links on your profile and can redirect you to other links as well. So it is highly recommended that you delete all the browser cookies. Clearing history can also help in cases where you may again accidently click the link.
You can go to Browser options to clear the cookies, history etc.

5. Change the password
Last but not the least. Change the facebook password. Your facebook account is precious to you so why to take the risk.

These are a few steps you can follow to protect your account from spams. In case you have any other problem related to spam on your profile then add your comment here.

Top 15 Reasons Your Facebook Account May be Suspended / Disabled / Banned

Why Facebook Account Is Banned

15 Reasons Your Facebook Account May be Suspended / Disabled / Banned

1. Using a fake name
This is the reason most facebook accounts get suspended. What do you expect when you use the name of an object as a name? Always use your real name on facebook and even if you must use a fake name, it must still be a normal name.
2. Posting on walls in rapid succession
When you’re posting stuffs or links on friends’ wall and groups rather too fast, Facebook might have a feeling you’re a bot and kick you out. Some of these bans can be automated so be careful.
3. You’re sending too much friend requests
Sending too much requests or sending friend requests to people you don’t know might get you into trouble. There’s a limit to the number of requests you can send daily and you should get a warning when you reach this limit. Trying to proceed after you get the warning might be dangerous. Also, when you send requests to people you dont know and you get reported, I don’t think it’s good for you.
4. Posting offensive updates and pictures
You’re supposed to behave yourself in a public place like facebook, right? Posting offensive stuffs isn’t right, you don’t need to be told.
5. Posting duplicated texts in too much messages
This is spamming and you can get banned by facebook bots if you do this. Facebook also hates spammers.
6. You’re poking too much people
I’m not sure how far this is true but it’s rumoured that your account might be disabled when you’re poking people rather “too much”
7. Your account is a potential risk to other facebook users
Just a few months back, there was a problem with facebook with pornographic pitures all over the place. It was caused by a virus and I read that facebook “isolated” accounts affected by the virus. You should also be careful with applications you use on facebook.
8. You’re liking too much fan pages
There’s a limit to how much pages you can like daily and ignoring the warning and passing this limit might get your account in trouble.
9. Suspicious payment information
Paying for facebook advertisement with a credit card carrying a name different from your facebook name may get your account disabled.
10. Affiliation with a Doubtful Organization or Page
11. Having more than one account
Lots of people have two or more facebook accounts and facebook may decide anytime to delete duplicate accounts. It does happen, so be careful.
12. Facebook profiles are only for humans!
When you create a facebook profile for a dog, a cat, an organization or anything other than a normal human being, don’t expect the facebook team to overlook that.
13. Using a fake date of birth
Never use an unbelievable date of birth like 1910 on facebook because this is just one of the little reasons your account might be banned.
14. Posting copyrighted materials
15. Getting reported by rather too many people
Note: If your account is disabled, there’s absolutely no trick to get you your account back. All you can do is to appeal and hope you get it back. It’s doubtful though, so it’s better to prevent it.