Ip and Mac Hunter

This Software “IP & MAC Hunter” is help to collect IP,MAC of lan pc’s by its HostName.

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++++++++++++Soft Info++++++++++++++++++++
Product Name: IP & MAC Hunter
Version: 0.02.13 Beta
License: Freeware
First release date: 14-02-2013

////////////////////////Developer Info///////////////////////////
E-mail: hrshadhin.i386@gmail.com
FB: http://www.fb.me/crazicoder
web: crazicoder.wordpress.com

============Instalation & Requerment=====================
**NO need to install,its a batch program(Portable).Just run it.
** Work on any windows system(xp,vista,windows7,windows8)
**If you want to run on eailier version of windows(xxx<xp) need .Net version 2.0

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Download Link: HitmE

Run two dropbox account at a time on Ubuntu

I started from a position of having a working first account (mine).

First step is to move the existing account, and get it working …

So you can probably replace “me” and “other” in the commands below with “personal” and “business” or whatever you want to call them.

1] Stop the existing dropbox daemon running.

2] rename existing account .dropbox folder

mv ~/.dropbox ~/.dropbox-me

3] create a new bash script ‘start-dropbox-me.sh’, containing the following:

HOME=/home/me/.dropbox-me /home/me/.dropbox-dist/dropbox start -i

Note that I found that pointing to /home/me/.dropbox-dist/dropbox made the difference – using the one in /usr/bin caused the same error you are seeing. I’m not really sure why, I was just experimenting and it worked.

4] and make it runnable:

chmod 775 start-dropbox-me.sh

5] use “system->preferences->startup applications” to add this script as a startup application. (actually, I edited the existing dropbox startup application to point at this script).

I now had a running dropbox after restart (or just running the bash script).

Second step is to configure the new account (for “other”):

6] create a new bash script ‘start-dropbox-other.sh’, containing the following:

HOME=/home/me/.dropbox-other /home/me/.dropbox-dist/dropbox start -i

7] and make it runnable:

chmod 775 start-dropbox-other.sh

8] run this script, and follow usual registration (or existing account) process, to get it configured. Using a different location that the first account.

[at this point I had two working dropbox accounts]

9] use “system->preferences->startup applications” to add this other script as a startup application.

Restarted the PC and it all came back with the two dropbox Icons on the panel, etc.

Hope this works for you.

Linux Socket Programming by Example [ E-book ]

Title           :       Linux Socket Programming by Example

Author       :       Warren W. Gay

Publisher    :       QUE Indiana

ISBN         :      0-7897-2241-0


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Data Communications and Networking with solution by Behrouz Forouzan[E-book]

Data Communications and Networking (McGraw-Hill Forouzan Networking)

Book Description
Publication Date: February 9, 2006
ISBN-10: 0073250325
ISBN-13: 978-0073250328
Edition: 4
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Author: Behrouz Forouzan

As one of the fastest growing technologies in our culture today, data communications and networking presents a unique challenge for instructors. As both the number and types of students are increasing, it is essential to have a textbook that provides coverage of the latest advances, while presenting the material in a way that is accessible to students with little or no background in the field. Using a bottom-up approach, Data Communications and Networking presents this highly technical subject matter without relying on complex formulas by using a strong pedagogical approach supported by more than 700 figures.

Now in its Fourth Edition, this textbook brings the beginning student right to the forefront of the latest advances in the field, while presenting the fundamentals in a clear, straightforward manner. Students will find better coverage, improved figures and better explanations on cutting-edge material. The “bottom-up” approach allows instructors to cover the material in one course, rather than having separate courses on data communications and networking.

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