How to create video clips in VLC

Now you can keep your favorite parts of any video.
With the holidays coming up, your creative side may be seeping into your thoughts. If you have a collection of videos of family, friends, or even events, you can do neat things with clips from these. VLC offers a superfast way to create clips for later editing or enjoyment.
Begin by downloading and installing VLC.
Step 1: Open VLC and open the menu labeled View. In this menu, select Advanced Controls.
Step 2: Open the video you wish to take a cut from. Use the slider to navigate to the time you wish to begin recording. The Frame by frame button, located to the right of the Advanced Controls, will allow you to pinpoint the exact time you will wish to begin recording.
Step 3: Press the Record button on the left end of the Advanced Controls. Once recording is toggled, press Play and allow the video to play through the section you want saved. At the end of the desired section, press the Record button again.
The video cut will be saved automatically by VLC (in Windows 7 the video will be placed in the Videos library). Share your clip with your friends or keep that treasured moment for later.

Increase Hard Drive Space

1.Click Start
2.Click “My Computer”
3.Under “Hard Disk Drives” right click on your Hard Disk
4.Click “Properties”

5. Uncheck “Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file
6. Click “Apply”

7. Select “Apply changes to C: Subfolder and files” and hit OK
8. If anything pops into the the screen hit ignore.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

There are many tools or websites that may offer you to do so but most of them are weird, do not work properly or we need to pay for them. Book Smith is an Online tool which converts any blog to PDF form within minutes. We personally used & analysed this free & easy to use Online tool and found it really Useful. 

Steps to Convert Any Blog to An Ebook to Read Offline

  • It will show you it’s Welcome Page. Click on Start Now if you want to start this process.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • In the first field, Enter the URL of the website which you would like to download in the form of PDF file. After that choose on which blogging Platform that site is built on (WordPress or Blogger). Now you have to select the Number of Posts you would like to Download. You can either choose the posts via Latest or Date Range.
    Finally Click on Get The Posts.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • After that, it will show you the number of available posts in that site. You can even uncheck the posts you do not want to include in your PDF file. Click on Continue.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you can customize your Ebook According to your choice. You can even remove images or post dates from the Ebook. You can even add titles, sub-titles or Choose Sub-cover. Click on Create my Book.

  • Now it will start creating your Ebook. It will take some time depending upon the size and the number of posts you have chosen in your Ebook.
  • After some time, your book will be ready to be downloaded. Click on Download Ebook to start downloading.

  • So, your Ebook will start downloading. Enjoy!!

Remember: This online Book Smith fetches post from the feed of the blog. If the blog owner has enabled partial posts in their feed, then you will be able to see only the post snippet in the downloaded PDF file. If the blog’s owner has enabled complete posts in their feed, then you will able be able to view complete post in your downloaded PDF file. If you are the owner of the blog, then you can fetch complete post by providing the WordPress or Blogger Login Details.

How to Send Password Protected Email Messages

Have you ever had a time when you had to send some really highly Confidential Emails and want to make sure that no one can even know about it??? Well, there is an Online tool known as Lockbin. LOCKBIN’s logo itself is Free Online Email Encryption. Well, this service is useful when you want to send some really highly confidential data like credit card Pin Codes,Bank Data,etc. Well, Some hackers may get all your data if they break into that account and they an steal such personal Information. So, This is a time when Lockbin comes to rescue. So, Send Password Protected mails and why take a risk of leaving such confidential information free!!

How to Send Password protected Email Messages:-

  • You will see a form. You have to fill all the details. For instance, you can see the image below. Give your Mail a desired Password and remember it. In the form, it has an option to attach file and in the text field, enter your message.After filling all the details, Click on Submit.

How to Send Password Protected Email Messages

  • Now your password protected mail has been sent to the recipient. 

(Well, the recipient will receive a mail in which he will only we provided the information about the sender and a link will be provided to him.)

  • If the recipient click clicks on the link, he will be prompted to enter the password. If he is not able to give the correct password, he could not read the mail. 

How to Send Password Protected Email Messages

  • So, After entering the Secret Key, the recipient could open the mail and read the Message.

So, Now you can send any kind of highly confidential mails without any sort of fear. But, the recipient should know the password of the mail. So,you can get tell him the password by any means or phoning/messaging him.

Trick to download torrents using IDM

Downloading Torrents with High Speed is a great need nowadays. As torrent files are a better alternative to download various games,softwares,movies,etc. Well, Even I sometimes feel that torrents are very slow to download files as compared to a normal download speed. The speed is too slow in any torrent files down-loader. So, I found a way to download torrent files using IDM. It is true that now you can download torrents using IDM. If you are not using IDM, them download IDM.

Follow the steps to Download Torrent files using IDM:

(1.)Firstly Grab your torrent from . Download the torrent file (.torrent) extension file of your desire.

(2.)Now after downloading the (.torrent) file, go to this website
Now upload the torrent file that you had just downloaded and click on cache button.

(3.)It will show you a new generated link of your torrent file.

(4.)Copy that new link.

(5.) Now go to and create a new account there. After signing up, Login into your Account.

(6.)In the text field, paste the link of the new torrent file that you had copied in Step 4 and Click on GET.

(7.) You will see all the torrent files that are present in that torrent. Now click on Initiate Bittorrent Transmission.

(8.) Now all the files have been ready to be downloaded. Click on any file that you want to download.

(9.) A new pop-up window of IDM will open.

(10.) Click on Start Downloading.

So, this trick helps to download torrents with high speed. Well, If you are having a slow torrent download speed, I strongly recommend you to use this software.

So, Enjoy downloading torrents at high speed using IDM.