Install and configure lm-sensors on Linux

What is lm-sensors?
lm_sensors (Linux-monitoring sensors), is a free open source software-tool for Linux that provides tools and drivers for monitoring temperatures, voltage, humidity and fans.[more]

Install lm-sensors on Linux machine:

For ubuntu,mint,debian:
using apt-get or the Synaptic GUI.

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

For fedora,opensuse,centos etc rpm base:

sudo yum install lm-sensors

For ArchLinux:

pacman lm_sensors

Configure lm-sensors: run below command on terminal and answer all questions ‘yes’ including last one.



Now start the service

service kmod start

run the sensors to get desire output


Screenshot from 2014-01-03 23:37:41

if you want to view the result on GUI then install “Psensor’ on Ubuntu.

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

Need to pass in your exams ? There are at least two easy ways how you can cheat and not be caught.

Check out some of the most creative and unique ways to copy in your exams .

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

The Easiest Ways to Cheat in Your Exams (20 images)

 Others ways…………………..

Black Light Method

  1. Get one of those black light pens that only show up under a black light and come with one attached.
  2. The day before the test, write some things that will probably be on the test on your desk.
  3. The next day, wear a hoodie and hide the pen in your sleeve.
  4. When no-one is looking, shine it on the area where you wrote before.

Locker Combination Method

  1. Group your answers and code them to look like a locker combination. For example, if my first set of answers were 135, 23, and 56, I would write something like Lock #1- 135,23, 56, so if someone looks through my bag or if someone looks at me while I am looking at my answers, they will only think that’s a lock combination of mine at school, or wherever; when its really answers to my first 3 problems on my exam that my teachers going to give back to me tomorrow!
    • If anyone asks about the big numbers, just say you accidentally misplaced a comma. Be sure to have your answers memorized before the test.

The Girls Only Method

  1. Ask to get out of an exam to go to the toilet. If they say no then say subtly to a woman invigilator you need to change your pad (make sure you’re not on your period that day, that’s a bit gross).
  2. Earlier on, you will have written down notes on a sanitary pad, and put this one on. If you need more notes then write them on a new pad and wrap it back up. When in the bathroom (if it’s a real exam the invigilator will probably escort you) look at the pad you have on and quickly memorize it. Then change it, put it in the bin, and replace it with the pad that has more notes. Memorize them quickly and then come out of the toilet as if nothing is wrong.
  3. Go back to the exam and scribble down the answers.
  4. Hide the answers in your bra. During the test, fiddle with your shirt and look down to see the answers or notes. No teacher will dare call you out!

Toilet Paper Method

  1. Write your notes on toilet paper, sneak it into your pocket, ask to go to the washroom. Take out your toilet paper and stick it to your shoe, but keep the written side facing down. When someone tells you about the paper, check your notes when no-one is looking then throw it out.

Position Yourself Method

  1. Sit next to someone smart in your class.
  2. Start out by sitting in your seat like a normal person.
  3. Later, pretend to be uncomfortable and position yourself so your sitting on your knees.
  4. While you are moving look over the smart student’s head and look at his/her answers.
    • Do not be too obvious, or he/she will find out you are cheating.

 Desk Writing Method

  1. You’ll need to get the spelling words, or the math answers that you need. (This works best on a spelling test)
  2. Write them down inside your desk or on the side (I have a cubby desk not a fold up desk)
  3. When it comes to test time, look inside your desk and look at your answers, but be sure to get something out like an eraser!

Surf Anonymously with Platinum Hide IP

Get Platinum Online Privacy Protection. With Platinum Hide IP, you can surf anonymously, access blocked websites or forums, get protected from any website that wants to monitor your reading interests and spy upon you through your unique IP address, etc. Your identity is secure, protected, and anonymized.

What’s more, Platinum Hide IP allows you to select your IP location such as United States, United kingdom, France, etc. from the Choose IP Country window.

Platinum Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet.

Download: click here

How to remove BIOS password


Bios password information is normally store on a CMOS battery. Bios password is a type of security protection measure to stop unauthorized person making hardware configuration changes on system devices (Example: BIOS’s allow you to require a password to be entered before the BIOS setup may be accessed) Meanwhile, bios password also use security protection such as Some BIOS’s allow you to require a password be entered before the system will boot.

Forgot your motherboard BIOS password? No problem!!!!!!!!Here are three tutorials how to reset or remove Bios Password that allow clear your CMOS password. The first method is removing the battery on motherboard and second method is reset bios password on windows.

To remove the bios password on CMOS battery, first you need unplug all the power source and USB cable. Then open the desktop casing and allocate the flat, circular and metallic CMOS battery. It should look something like the picture to the right.This reset bios password is more suitable for desktop user. It is no recommended for laptop user unless you are experienced working with laptop hardware or the laptop warranty expired long time ago.Once allocated, take out the CMOS battery and wait 10 – 25 minutes before putting it back in. The reason for this wait is because the computer can still store power in its capacitors even though everything is unplugged. The waiting period allows enough time for them to discharge.After that, Plug back the CMOS battery. Then all bios password will be clear and all computer devices hardware setting will be set factory default setting. In some cases, if you get weird error messages during bootup now, you will need to goto “Load BIOS Defaults” in BIOS and save the changes to fix them.

Matrix Effect using notepad

        This is amazing notepad trick which will display matrix effect like you might have seen in movies, that is numbers flashes in green colour. Basically we will be creating a small batch file in notepad.

  • Go to Notepad and copy below codes

@echo off

color A


echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

goto star


  • Save this file as matrix.bat 
  • Now open this file as see matrix effect on your screen.

How to create video clips in VLC

Now you can keep your favorite parts of any video.
With the holidays coming up, your creative side may be seeping into your thoughts. If you have a collection of videos of family, friends, or even events, you can do neat things with clips from these. VLC offers a superfast way to create clips for later editing or enjoyment.
Begin by downloading and installing VLC.
Step 1: Open VLC and open the menu labeled View. In this menu, select Advanced Controls.
Step 2: Open the video you wish to take a cut from. Use the slider to navigate to the time you wish to begin recording. The Frame by frame button, located to the right of the Advanced Controls, will allow you to pinpoint the exact time you will wish to begin recording.
Step 3: Press the Record button on the left end of the Advanced Controls. Once recording is toggled, press Play and allow the video to play through the section you want saved. At the end of the desired section, press the Record button again.
The video cut will be saved automatically by VLC (in Windows 7 the video will be placed in the Videos library). Share your clip with your friends or keep that treasured moment for later.

Increase Hard Drive Space

1.Click Start
2.Click “My Computer”
3.Under “Hard Disk Drives” right click on your Hard Disk
4.Click “Properties”

5. Uncheck “Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file
6. Click “Apply”

7. Select “Apply changes to C: Subfolder and files” and hit OK
8. If anything pops into the the screen hit ignore.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

There are many tools or websites that may offer you to do so but most of them are weird, do not work properly or we need to pay for them. Book Smith is an Online tool which converts any blog to PDF form within minutes. We personally used & analysed this free & easy to use Online tool and found it really Useful. 

Steps to Convert Any Blog to An Ebook to Read Offline

  • It will show you it’s Welcome Page. Click on Start Now if you want to start this process.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • In the first field, Enter the URL of the website which you would like to download in the form of PDF file. After that choose on which blogging Platform that site is built on (WordPress or Blogger). Now you have to select the Number of Posts you would like to Download. You can either choose the posts via Latest or Date Range.
    Finally Click on Get The Posts.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • After that, it will show you the number of available posts in that site. You can even uncheck the posts you do not want to include in your PDF file. Click on Continue.

How to Convert Any Blog to an Ebook to Read Offline

  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you can customize your Ebook According to your choice. You can even remove images or post dates from the Ebook. You can even add titles, sub-titles or Choose Sub-cover. Click on Create my Book.

  • Now it will start creating your Ebook. It will take some time depending upon the size and the number of posts you have chosen in your Ebook.
  • After some time, your book will be ready to be downloaded. Click on Download Ebook to start downloading.

  • So, your Ebook will start downloading. Enjoy!!

Remember: This online Book Smith fetches post from the feed of the blog. If the blog owner has enabled partial posts in their feed, then you will be able to see only the post snippet in the downloaded PDF file. If the blog’s owner has enabled complete posts in their feed, then you will able be able to view complete post in your downloaded PDF file. If you are the owner of the blog, then you can fetch complete post by providing the WordPress or Blogger Login Details.