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How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts in Google Chrome

  • Firstly open Google Chrome and login into your first Facebook Account.
  • Then right click on the Facebook home link present at the top left corner and click on Open link in incognito window.

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts in Google Chrome

  • That’s all, you are done! Now a new window will appear asking you to login into your Facebook account. 

So, it is really simple in Google Chrome to do so! 

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Facebook cheats

Facebook cheats

Most of you may be surprised to see some blank Facebook status and comments and some cool blue text too. Here I will show you five cool cheat codes for Facebook.

1) Write blank status on Facebook.
èIt’s simple, just type in this
@[0:0: ]
and press enter.
2) Write blank comments or blank chat message on Facebook.
èHold “Alt” key and press these digits “0173” and hit enter.
3) Write Blue color text on Facebook .
è Type the below code
@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]
Replace “Type Here” by your own text.
4) Write Blue color text and Redirect it to your Facebook ID or your friends Facebook ID.
Type the below code
@@[0:[yourID:0:Your Text]]
Replace “yourID” by your Facebook ID or your friend’s Facebook ID and replace “Your Text” by your own text.  
Hint: – You can find your Facebook ID or your friend’s ID by doing this.
Go to your Facebook profile or your friend’s Facebook profile and replace the URL by adding
Now you will get the ID.
5) If you want to publish your Page name then.
 Type the below code
Go to your Page and then just go to “Edit info” of Ur Page than Copy ID from URL and Replace it by “ID”