5 Tweaking Tools Make Windows 7 Like Windows 8

based Windows 8 is getting around the corner. But for those who like the Tiles, here are a few tools that can make your Windows 7 to the tiles.
Omnimo 4

Omnimo 4 is a Windows Phone 7 inspired multifunctional interactive desktop information center based on Rainmeter, a popular desktop customization platform. It turns your desktop into a productive and attractive workarea where delivers the information you need. Every interactive tile on the desktop gives you information at glance, and can be easily customized to your needs.
Omnimo 4 requires Rainmeter 2.0 or higher installed on your Windows 7 system first before can be installed and configured.


AeroTile is a free portable utility tools that adds an selective glassy aeroful tiles on your computer’s desktop. By using it, you have the choices choosing many of the options like My Computer, Control Panel, Fonts, My Documents, etc.
It’s a fairly easy to use tool. Simply download and extract the files from the zipped file, and launch it. Then, pick up the items you want them to show on your desktop in tile shape. The only downside is that you will have to manually organize those tiles to make them layout neatly.

Mosaic (formally known as Metro Home 2)

Mosaic is an application that brings Metro UI to your desktop. It’s a set of widgets that displays in tile on your desktop showing the content from your local computer or from the Internet.
When the application is running, it shows a list of selective choices from the panel that stick to the right side of your desktop. Simply click to select them and it will immediately show on the desktop. Once on the desktop, you will be able to move them around just dragging and dropping to the grid predefined by the application.


Windows8Menu is a simple portable application that put the Windows 8 UI on top of Windows 7 desktop. It works just like any other application that you can simply launch and see what it offers. You can also customize the settings to show the stuff you would like to see.



Zetro is a Windows 8 metro UI style theme made for Windows 7. It brings the snazzy tiles to Windows 7. The Zetro theme takes a few steps to get Windows 7 ready to the tile, but it’s fairly easy to follow the instructions in the Readme file from the package. And because it’s a Theme pack, you can switch between Tiles and Aeros back and forth fairly easy.

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