C++: The Complete Reference 3rd edition by Herbert Schildt

Book Description

0078824761 978-0078824760 August 1, 1998 3rd
Herb Schildt is the world’s best selling C++ author–over 2 million programming books sold! The most complete coverage of the new ANSI C++ Standard available, including new chapters on the Standard Template Library (STL), namespace naming methods, and new classes. Written in Schildt’s uncompromising style and attention to detail. Easy-to-follow, three part organization. Part I – Describes the root of C++ (What it is and how it works). Part II – Covers C++’s OOP components and classes in detail. Part III – Covers all effective C++ software application development.
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Introduction to the Theory of Computation 2nd edition by Michael sipser

Book Description

0534950973 978-0534950972 February 15, 2005 2
This highly anticipated revision builds upon the strengths of the previous edition. Sipser’s candid, crystal-clear style allows students at every level to understand and enjoy this field. His innovative “proof idea” sections explain profound concepts in plain English. The new edition incorporates many improvements students and professors have suggested over the years, and offers updated, classroom-tested problem sets at the end of each chapter.

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Introduction to Java Programming 6th edition by Danial Liang

Book Description

0132221586 978-0132221580 July 22, 2006 6
Now integrating Java 5 throughout, this reference introduces Java programming fundamentals – including problem-solving, object-oriented programming, GUI programming, data structures, networking, internationalization, advanced GUI programming, and Web programming.  Includes many new illustrations. Enhances examples throughout, using small, simple, and stimulating examples to demonstrate concepts and techniques.  Offers anearlier introduction to writing programs than the previous edition. Features a new chapter on recursion, expanding treatment from earlier editions.  A useful reference for anyone interested in learning more about programming.