How to try the Windows 8 Metro interface free

Windows 8 is still just a promise, except for a few folks with developer’s builds. If you want to try out the fabled Metro interface on your computer, there’s now a solution. The metro7 app changes theWindows 7 interface to make it look and feel like Metro. Here’s how to use it:

    1.Download and install the app here.
    2.Start it up. You should see a tiled interface, though it is separate from your desktop.
    3.Click the arrow in the upper right to set your options, pin programs or Web sites to the tile screen, and more. Experiment! The built-in apps are minimal, but you can get more or add any apps or bookmarks you like.

Step 3: Settings.
   Step 3: Settings.
4. You can drag tiles to rearrange them, or drag down to the bottom to trash them.

Step 4: Move tiles.

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