Trick to download torrents using IDM

Downloading Torrents with High Speed is a great need nowadays. As torrent files are a better alternative to download various games,softwares,movies,etc. Well, Even I sometimes feel that torrents are very slow to download files as compared to a normal download speed. The speed is too slow in any torrent files down-loader. So, I found a way to download torrent files using IDM. It is true that now you can download torrents using IDM. If you are not using IDM, them download IDM.

Follow the steps to Download Torrent files using IDM:

(1.)Firstly Grab your torrent from . Download the torrent file (.torrent) extension file of your desire.

(2.)Now after downloading the (.torrent) file, go to this website
Now upload the torrent file that you had just downloaded and click on cache button.

(3.)It will show you a new generated link of your torrent file.

(4.)Copy that new link.

(5.) Now go to and create a new account there. After signing up, Login into your Account.

(6.)In the text field, paste the link of the new torrent file that you had copied in Step 4 and Click on GET.

(7.) You will see all the torrent files that are present in that torrent. Now click on Initiate Bittorrent Transmission.

(8.) Now all the files have been ready to be downloaded. Click on any file that you want to download.

(9.) A new pop-up window of IDM will open.

(10.) Click on Start Downloading.

So, this trick helps to download torrents with high speed. Well, If you are having a slow torrent download speed, I strongly recommend you to use this software.

So, Enjoy downloading torrents at high speed using IDM.

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