0 How to Delete Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account

Are you really fed up of Facebook Addiction and have came to a Conclusion that you want to delete your Facebook Account???? Well, Deleting Facebook Account does not exists as a option in your Facebook Account and it isn’t available readily. Most users are confused between the term Deactivating Account and Deleting Account. Well, Deactivating Facebook Account means staying away from your Account and it can be retrieved back easily just just by Logging into your Facebook Account. Whereas Deleting Facebook Account means completely removing all your previous data and once deleted, could not be retrieved back.

How to Delete your Facebook Account:-

I already said that There is no button/option existing for deleting your Facebook Account.
So, if you really want to delete your Facebook Account, then follow the below link:-

Click here to Delete your Facebook Account.

If you really want to Delete your Facebook Account, follow the above link and click on Submit. After that, Do not Login into your Account for 2-14 days.

So, I hope you find my article informative!!!
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